Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Keon Addai

Posted on April 28 2021

Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and is important to many, as it is that special time to make sure the moms in your life feel ALL the love! Many people stick to tradition and buy flowers or a cake, but there are several other ways that you can celebrate mama without it feeling like the normal routine.

Customize an Item

Customizing items with sweet words is a sure way to make a mom smile! You can have some keepsakes monogrammed or even get jewelry engraved. Everyone loves the idea of having something created uniquely for them.  

Cook a Special Meal Together

Think about a family meal that is loved dearly and get everything required to prepare it with your mom or mom friends. Cooking a meal together allows for bonding. This would be a good time to tell stories about occurrences of the past while getting the opportunity to learn more about each other.   

Make Her a Playlist

If you know moms that are like me, a nice playlist is always a win! Picking songs that you know the mom  in your life would love requires thought. When they play that playlist, they will always be filled with joy knowing the time and effort that went into creating it.  

Watch a Movie

Mother’s Day is the best time to sit back, relax and watch a movie. Choose some movies in moms favorite genre, pop some popcorn and enjoy that quality time. 

If you really want to make it extra special, pop out the home movies and take a walk down memory lane. That is sure to bring some laughter, as well as a few happy tears!  

Make a Garden

Think of all the herbs and vegetables that are a go-to in mom’s kitchen. Spend the day creating a garden for her. This will allow the mom in your life to think of you every time she uses the items in her cooking. A garden is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. 

Plan A Spa Day 

We all know that moms are working non-stop, whether in an office or in the home. A Spa Day is a great way to help relieve some of the stresses of everyday life. Pamper her with a massage, or a pedicure, and allow her to truly enjoy being taken care of instead of taking care of everyone. 

In conclusion, there are so many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day without being cliche. No matter what you do, remember that the thought is what matters most!

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