Planning The Perfect COVID Thanksgiving

Keon Addai

Posted on November 11 2020

Planning The Perfect COVID Thanksgiving


Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or put your own spin on the meaning like my family has, it is definitely one of those holidays that many Americans look forward to.


There have been so many events that we’ve had to cancel or reschedule due to COVID. As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, will it have to be added to the growing list of cancellations???


The thought of not having the entire family in the kitchen, cooking up our favorites, while blasting some “oldies but goodies” in the background just seems weird!


However, the current times we are in are forcing us to reimagine what family gatherings will be like and whether they can “be” at all.


While we all are suffering from cabin fever, we most certainly have to be sure that we protect ourselves and our fellow Americans by doing our part to help stop the spread of COVID.


Here are a few ways you can change up the way you celebrate the holidays this year:


1. Have the family prepare their usual dishes and do a dinner drop off. This will allow everyone to still enjoy the meal they are used to but in their own homes without the added risk of exposure.


2. If you would like to have the traditional holiday dinner, have everyone that will be attending take a Covid-19 test and quarantine for 14 days prior to getting together. This requires great sacrifice but for those that love the company of family, the reward of being able to be with your loved ones on this special day is worth it.


3.  Gather all of your family and friends around the table by hosting a virtual Thanksgiving. Zoom has become the go-to for many activities, whether for work or educational purposes, so add the holidays to the mix. Set a time for dinner and have everyone log in and show their spread.


You can still make fun of that sibling that can’t cook to save their life while also seeing the families’ favorite pie made by your favorite Aunt in real-time!


4. For those that live in areas where the temperature is still pleasant this time of year, move Thanksgiving outdoors. Social distancing will be easier to accomplish, with a very small number of guests, in an outdoor setting.


5. Only celebrate the holiday with your immediate family or those in your household. Put a spin on tradition and have everyone pick a dish they would like to have even if it isn’t your typical Thanksgiving dish.


6. Add in some board games or the family’s favorite movie and make it an all-day event. This will hopefully help take away some of the sadness of not being able to be with the entire family and put the focus on some family fun.


I know that these past few months have been extremely trying for many of us. Now that the holidays are rolling around, many are truly feeling the burden of this pandemic. The lack of human interaction is taking its toll on all of us.


We, however, are resilient. We have always weathered the storms and this will be no different. Find ways to still celebrate the holidays you hold dear with those you love the most. Even though things can’t be done in the traditional setting, we can still spread the love without spreading the virus.


Until next time Kuties!




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