Summer Reading For Kids

Keon Addai

Posted on May 28 2019

Summer Reading For Kids

With the kids out for Summer break, we want to be sure they are still exercising their brains. Research shows us that children who read do better in school. In addition to that, reading helps in the development of language skills and expanding vocabulary, improving concentration, stimulating curiosity and increasing writing skills. To assist you with helping your littles develop a love for books, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best books to put on your child’s Summer reading list! Click the book covers for purchasing options and let’s add some reading adventures to their break! 

Ages 0-3

The Ants Go Marching: Count and Sing

By: Priscilla Burris

Introduce your kids to counting with this colorful book. The book focuses on counting in groups and counting from 1 to 5. The cute ants and rhymes are sure to keep the attention of the busiest little. 

Food With Moods: A First Book of Feelings

By: Saxton Freeymann and Joost Elffers

In this one of a kind book, explore the various moods we go through. Kids are able to see that no matter what they are feeling, there is a food that shares their mood. The illustrations in this board book are sure to wow the youngest of the bunch. 

Letter Town 

By: Darren Farrell

This book takes learning letters to a new level of fun! Follow the bus driver as he takes you on a journey through town where new letters get revealed along the way. 

Potty Time

By: Caroline Jayne Church

What better time than Summer to get started on the potty training journey! This book is complete with a sound module that resembles the potty flush. 

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

By: Rosemary Wells

The perfect book for our youngest, this classic rhyme will make them sing along! The illustrations are bright and beautiful while the words are long enough to keep their attention, yet short enough to not be overwhelming. 

First 100 Words Boardbook

By: Roger Priddy

This book is the perfect introduction to expanding vocabulary! The colors in this book are vibrant and eye catching! Kids will love to engage while learning. 

Ages 3-5

All Are Welcome

By: Alexandra Penfold

This colorful book addresses diversity and lets children know that their differences should be celebrated! 

I Will Love You Forever

By: Caroline Jayne Church

The rhyming text and beautiful illustrations are sure to please! This book reminds us about the undeniable love between a parent and child. It is sure to make your heart melt while reassuring your littles that no matter what happens, your love for them is unconditional. 


By: Tony Mitton

One of the best books for bedtime, this lively read will have the kids rapping and tapping when you’re done! The colorful pages and rhymes keep them engaged. 

Where The Wild Things Are

By: Maurice Sendak

Though this book is fifty years old, it is a must have for every child’s bookshelf! This book opens the door for many conversations while allowing your littles to let their imaginations run wild! 

The Library Lion 

By: Michelle Knudsen

This is a sweet book about rules and how its sometimes ok to break them for a good reason! 

I Like Myself

By: Karen Beaumont

This book teaches children to embrace all the things that make them unique, regardless of what other’s may think! It encourages our children to be comfortable in the skin they are in and in today’s climate, its a must we start early with lessons such as these. 

Why Am I Me?

By: Paige Britt

This book tackles diversity and humanity. The illustrations are magical and the content reminds us of how much we are alike, even in our differences. 

Ages 6-8

Diary of An Awesome Friendly Kid

By: Jeff Kinney

This book is sure to be a highlight of Summer! Exploring all things concerning friendship, this book takes readers on a journey to see the continued up and downs of relationships and various character flaws. It allows kids to understand that its ok if you’re still figuring things out. After all, that’s what the school years are all about. 

More More More Said the Baby

By: Vera B. Williams 

This book is filled with colorful pages that tell about verbal and physical affection between babies and their parents or older siblings. It is sure to evoke a warm feeling inside that will make your heart smile. 

The Giving Tree

By: Shel Silverstein

This a must read for children of all ages as it celebrates the joy of giving and shows one’s capacity to love in return! 

Around The World In 80 Days

By: Jules Verne, Deanna McFadden

Take them on an adventure this Summer with a trip around the globe! This book is easy to read and evokes thoughts of travel and adventure. 

The Great Cake Mystery: Precious Ramotswe’s Very First Case

By: Alexander McCall Smith

This introductory chapter book will take children on a journey as Precious tries to find out the mystery behind the missing cake. It teaches children that sometimes a first guess isn’t always right while giving us a lesson on stereotypes. 

My Father’s Dragon

By: Ruth Stiles Ganett

This book takes you on an adventure as Elmer Elevator sets out on a quest to rescue an overworked and under appreciated dragon. 

Ages 9-12

The Boy At The Back Of The Class

By: Onjali Q. Raul

This book conveys a very tough topic with compassion and clarity. It’s a great source of humor that shows the importance of kindness and friendship in a world that is steadily lacking in humanity.

Gangsta Granny

By: David Walliams

There are apparently many misconceptions about Granny! This book is filled with humor and is sure to keep your kids laughing throughout the Summer. 

The Train To Impossible Places

By: P.G. Bell

This extremely creative and imaginative read will be hard to put down. See what happens when the fate of Impossible Places is left in one person’s hands! 

The Parent Agency

By: David Baddiel

All children sometimes wish they could pick their parents but sometimes you must be careful what you wish for! This book is a funny read that evokes thought about cherishing what we have despite its imperfections. 

You Are Awesome

By: Matthew Syed

Are you looking to boost your child’s confidence? If so, this is the perfect book to purchase this Summer! It teaches that hard work and determination can make you successful and gives wonderful examples of those that have achieved greatness simply because they believed in themselves. 

Boy Underwater 

By: Adam Barron

This book will make you laugh and cry as it tackles the many underlying issues that effect families. It touches on things often left unspoken as one boy begins to discover his truths. 

What books would you add to my list of great reads for the kids this Summer?


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