“I’m Bored” To-Do Activities For Kids

Keon Addai

Posted on June 17 2019

“I’m Bored” To-Do Activities For Kids

Summer break isn’t in full swing yet and the “I’m bored” has already begun. If you have active children like mine, you’ll find that the packed daily schedule can sometimes not be enough. I’ve learned that its best to have responses ready before they come with the long faces and puppy dog eyes. Having a list of to-dos for when boredom strikes helps make the summer more organized for them and a little easier for you. Below are 40 things you can recommend to the kiddos. 

“I’m Bored” Activities 

1. Write a story

2. Walk the dog

3. Build a fort with blankets and pillows

4. Write 10 strengths that you have and 10 areas you can improve 

5. Write about your summer thus far

6. Read a book

7. Ride your bike

8. Watch a movie

9. Do something nice for a neighbor

10. Play a board game

11. Make a vision board for the next grade level

12. Write a list of places you’d like to travel and why

13. Build an indoor obstacle course

14. FaceTime or call your grandparents

15. Crossword puzzles

16. Make a donation box of toys you no longer use

17. Play hide and seek

18. Play a few games of categories

19. Have some coloring book fun

20. Make a painting

21. Chalk it up outside

22. Write a list of things you’re thankful for and why

23. Participate in some baking fun

24. Have a Nerf War

25. Make a craft

26. Play dress up

27. Write the laws you’d make if you were President

28. Decorate your room

29. Meditate

30. Wash the car

31. Have a water gun fight

32. Create your own game

33. Make a Bucket List

34. Have a paper airplane challenge

35. Create a new recipe 

36. Plant some seeds

37. Research the meaning of your name

38. Listen to music

39. Make a homemade water slide

40. Listen to an audio book

What ideas do you have to deal with kid boredom? Please share your thoughts and tips below.

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