Sensitive Conversations

Keon Addai

Posted on December 16 2018

Sensitive Conversations

During breakfast this morning, Jaylen asked if Santa was real. I paused in shock because he has always believed in Santa. When I asked him why he was asking, he stated kids at school were saying that Santa isn’t real. 

He said “Mommy, they said that our parents go get all our gifts at midnight and put them under the tree. They were all saying their parents said Santa is a fake.” 

I looked at him disheartened because I could tell he was truly confused. He didn’t know whether to still believe what he’s been thinking all this time or to believe what the “crowd” has been saying. In that moment, I further realized that my children’s innocence will always be impacted by the outside world. 

The belief in Santa is something minuscule to me. I always knew that he would one day realize that Santa was a fictional character, among other things kids believe in. The bigger detail for me is his innocence. 

In today’s climate, there are topics of conversation that are bound to come up. Our littles will always be exposed to other peoples thoughts and ideologies. This can be a very scary realization; especially when we are all wired different and instill varying ethics into our kids. 

My husband and I are extremely protective of our children’s innocence. We try our best to shield them from unnecessary influences in the outside world. With the oldest, we strive to educate him on what to expect and how to handle other people’s viewpoints, without compromising his own.  

The Santa chat was a sensitive subject on a smaller scale but this entire event made me ponder how to handle sensitive conversations in the future. 

One thing emphasized in the Addai household is that our family unit/home is a safe space. There are no stupid questions or ideas. This is important because just like the Santa question, our kids will begin to face more delicate topics as well as the concept of wanting to be accepted by “the crowd.” If they can’t come home and have open dialogue with us, then the “crowd” will begin to have the bigger influence. I refuse to allow my children to be led by the world.

Bullying? Romance? Politics? Whats your method for dealing with topics like these? If you’ve never given these things any thought, come up with a plan for how these subject matters will be discussed in your home. I feel it’s a vital component to a healthy family dynamic. 

Until next time Kuties! 

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  • Anitra: December 19, 2018

    So true! Recently our son came home with social studies homework and he had to identify certain historical figures, i.e. Harriet Tubman, MLK and other trailblazers. In that moment I had a decision to make to either go deep with him or keep it simple. I chose the latter. My husband reminded me that I did the right thing to maintain his innocence and that we will have plenty time to go deep with him on social issues that were highlighted by these historical figures. It’s truly a thin line!

  • Moyah : December 16, 2018

    I think all children are different and environmentally they all have different challenges. Continuing to keep home safe and the compass to navigate through this world will allow our kids to make it to the next face in life

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